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Analysis of water losses

By reducing water losses to 12-16%, which is still acceptable, you will reduce costs of your operation and reach the following:

  • capacities for additional sale will be increased
  • exploring and financing of new water sources will not be required
  • reconstruction of pipelines for increasing the flow will not be necessary
  • reliability of operation will be improved
  • consumption of electric energy will be reduced
  • production costs will decrease, as only the sold quantity of water will be purified
  • with our help pollution of the environment will be reduced, due to decrease of coal consumption in electric energy plants
  • reduction of water tax refund

Andotehna d.o.o. is one of the leading companies for analysis of water supply systems and hydraulic parameters. We have been working on the reduction of losses and performing measurements since 1979.

Beside precise measurements of flow, consumption, hydrodynamic pressures, establishing of losses and micro-location of defective spots, our services include proposals for required replacement of pipelines, estimation of suitability of locks and hydrants, suggestions for required reparations of shafts, which connections to individual houses and water meters are defective, where the water is being taken without your knowledge... We can also prepare a hydraulic calculation or an informational system as an update.

As our offer includes all-round treatment or monitoring of the water supply systems, our work can be defined as analysis of water supply systems by Andotest method, which includes much more than merely a detection of defects. During work with our special vehicle your employees are present as well, thus learning in practice the use of the equipment required for this type of work. On your request such equipment can be delivered.

For each checked part a report on inspection of the pipeline is written, which is the base for your subsequent reconstruction and investment plans. The report on pipeline inspection is also a base for yearly technical report.

Exceptional tradition and experiences, employment of the best instruments and most numerable references in middle Europe are guarantee for successful cooperation.

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